Machine and Space

Art Installation Design


This project uses Rhino and Grasshopper, a coding platform in 3D modelling software, to generate forms of an art installation and its running mechanisms. With these tools been used, components can be pre-fabricated in the wood shop before been transported to the exhibition site and be assembled in a short period of time and relatively high accuracy.

The installation changes the way our roof behave by waving itself. It was supposed to be powered by electricity during exhibition but due to fire code changed to human powered. The running mechanism of the dynamic roof was kept unchanged.


Designing, Coding, Pre-fabricating


Southeast University


Rhino, Grasshopper, Python


1 month


What I do

Led brainstorm and design of an interactive installation art with six designers

Created digital simulation and presented

Led the construction process through computer-aided pre-fabricated components

Exploded axonometric
Unit structure & mechanisms
Layers of installation
Final presentation

Exploded Axonometric

Unit Structure & Mechanisms

Layers of the Installation

Final Presentation